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A fluid program designed to explore the question of the “emerging artist.”
At its core, it provides time, space, and educational resources for young artists, both local and at large, to develop new work.

Young voices are central to the continuation and evolution of the performing arts.

We foster emerging artists providing them time, space and resources to develop their voices.

The Barn at Lee’s programs are intrinsically linked to its space. With a renovated theater that includes standard theatrical fixtures, artists will be able to develop and refine their work with technical elements often accessible only a few days before a performance.

Our residencies allow artists to take a pause from their daily life, and dive into their creative process in a nurturing environment. 

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The Residency consists of up to 10 consecutive days of artistic refuge on the property, with access to the Barn as rehearsal space. Residents will also have the opportunity to engage with the local community through workshops, readings, and mentorship programs. We envision using the Barn as a community gathering space, where work created in residency will be shared with the public in full production, and where artists can educate and inspire others.

Currently, the residency is invitation based. Applications will open in 2024.

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fall '22

Soph(ie) is a writer, actor and singer based in New York City. Most recently they were in the upcoming short film IDOL CHASER produced by VLV Media and were an artist in residence at the BRB Retreat (Fresh Ground Pepper).


They are a current member of the Greenhouse Lab with the Orchard Project.

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recent residents

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Matilda Sakamoto is a choreographer, movement director, dancer and actor based in Brooklyn and LA. Her work can be seen on stage and film.

Nazareth Hassan is an interdisciplinary artist working in writing, performance, music, sound, video and photography based in Brooklyn, NY. 

spring '22/fall '21

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Matilda Sakamoto
Spring '22
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