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The Barn at Lee was conceived by young artists* with wide-reaching expertise spanning experimental theatre, marketing, graphic design, urban and community planning, and artist curation.


The founders saw an urgent need to provide emerging artists with the precious resource of space and time. They envisioned using this beautiful structure to create an environment in which artists would be nurtured in a residency setting and given the time and space to explore new ideas or develop those already in motion. 

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director of programs 



managing director

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director of artist development

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director of marketing

*The Barn at Lee is not run by babies. The founders used to be babies.

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Misha Brooks offers creative vision and artistic direction to the organization with a BFA in acting from the Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU Tisch School of Arts. Most recently he starred in Players on Paramount Plus. 
Shoshana Levy is a Massachusetts native working at the intersection of arts and culture, infrastructure and urban planning.
She illuminates the organizational needs of the project at large and offers logistic solutions to achieving ambitious goals in the long term.
Zach Donovan lends his curatorial eye to the Barn’s roster of resident artists, with a working knowledge of the independent performance and music scenes of NYC. He leads performance collective Subtle Pride and their fashion magazine, Waif.
Julianna Azevedo Mitchell is an experimental artist and arts administrator from Rio de Janeiro, skillfully distilling the mission of The Barn at Lee into a visible and attractive entity among the nonprofit arts sector.

board of directors

Misha Brooks 
Bruna d'Avila 
Zach Donovan
Zion Jackson
Emily Klion 
Shoshana Levy
Julianna Azevedo Mitchell
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