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A residency at the barn at lee consists of 7-10 consecutive days on the property with access to private living quarters and a studio space in our signature Barn.


Resident artists are invited to live and work according to the specific needs of their process and schedule, with as much or as little feedback from our onsite artistic staff as they would like. Depending on the needs of each artist, the residency can culminate in a public showing of their work in progress, though some artists embarking on a more nascent endeavor can certainly decide to hold off the sharing of their work.

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fall '22 resident 

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spring '22 resident

winter '21 resident 

Currently, all the Barn's residents are invited personally by the artistic staff*. A resident artist can work solo for the duration of the residency if they choose, or they may invite up to 3 collaborators to work with them for some portion of the residency. The Barn is open to many different mediums of performance-based work and encourage formal experiment across disciplines. Whether you’re a playwright working on music for a performance,  or a choreographer working to incorporate text into their dance work, we’re proud to support artists as they try new things and approach their practice from unique points of entry.

*Up until fall '23, Residencies were invitation only. Spring '24 Residency applications will open on January 29. 

learn about our residents


Mahayla Laurence, fall '23 co-resident: Mahayla is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, merges performance, movement, poetry, and social practice to explore states of transition and in-betweenness. Much of their work centers around personal health and wellbeing, stewardship of our environment, practicality of ritual, and strength in community. Mahayla attended NYU Tisch and earned their BFA in Drama. Upon graduation they were awarded the Beth Turner Award for Scholarship in the African Diaspora. Mahayla is at 23/24 New Victory LabWorks Fellow and regularly facilitates developmental programs for artists in their community at More Art and Ars Nova. Mahayla is also a certified breathwork practitioner and herbalism apprentice at the Sacred Vibes Apothecary. 


Olivia Cade, fall '23 co-resident: Olivia is an actor, filmmaker and artist whose work centers on queering the "female gaze" and prioritizes cultivating community through intentional collaboration. Her most recent work, "Give It To Me", premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival and Outfest this year. In this piece, which she wrote and starred in, Olivia explored the relationship between trauma and kink in order to heal. She graduated from NYU Tisch with a BFA in Theater and has since worked her way from experimental theater to independent film. Olivia strives to find new creative ways to infuse film sets with ethical practices.​​

Gus Laughlin, spring '23: Gus (he/they) is a writer, comedian, and theater artist based in Brooklyn. Former CAMP resident at Ars Nova and freak for all things immersive, interactive, stupid and disgusting. Big fan of wigs.​

Soph(ie) Sagan-Gutherz, fall '22: Soph(ie) is a writer, actor and singer based in New York City. Most recently they were in the upcoming short film IDOL CHASER produced by VLV Media and were an artist in residence at the BRB Retreat (Fresh Ground Pepper).

Matilda Sakamoto, spring '22: Matilda is a choreographer, movement director, dancer and actor based in Brooklyn and LA. Her work can be seen on stage and film.

Nazareth Hassan, winter '21: Nazareth is an interdisciplinary artist working in writing, performance, music, sound, video and photography based in Brooklyn, NY.

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