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Applications will close on March 17, 2024 at 11:59pm EST. 

The Barn is seeking applicants for our upcoming Spring Residency, taking place in late Spring 2024. Exact dates will be mutually agreed upon.


The residency will be held in Lee, Massachusetts in the Berkshires for 7 days. Resident artists are provided room and board, working space, and a stipend of $500 for the duration of their time in Lee. Residents also have the option to invite up to 3 collaborators for any portion of the residency. Invited collaborators will be provided a stipend of $50 for each day they are in Lee. The Barn at Lee will also reimburse the resident’s transportation costs up to $100. 

The Barn at Lee provides residencies to emerging artists working in the field of Performing Arts. The Emerging Artist has a notoriously elusive definition, but we like many aspects of this definition of an Early Career Artist from the Jerome Foundation:


Eligible artists for our programs are in the early stages of their creative development with 2-10 years of generative experience, and:

  • have a focused direction and goals, even while still developing their artistic “voice”

  • have yet to be substantially celebrated within their field, the media, funding circles or the public at large

  • are vocational (as opposed to avocational, academic, amateur or educational) artists

This residency is open to artists working on projects at all stages of development. There is no deliverable requirement of a resident artist. The Barn at Lee asks only that a portion of the residency be open for public interaction. The nature of this opening is flexible and will be designed for the benefit of both the Lee community and the working artist.

If you have any questions about the residency or the application, please contact us at

Apply today >>>

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